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Buffières was able to retain the old and create the new structures necessary for daily life.

The school

Within an Intermunicipal School Consolidation group, schools, maternal and primary, welcome the children in adapted and functional rooms. A school restaurant (managed by a parents association) allows the children to take their meals on the spot and after school child care provides, except on Saturdays, a support for children from 7:30 am till 6:30 pm.

  • Telephone: 03 85 59 67 00
The Community Postal Agency

The community postal agency is open 5 days a week for basic and frequent transactions such as: stamps, letters, parcels, withdrawal of money, etc.

  • Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 9h15 to 11h15
  • Telephone: 03 85 59 60 50
The public library

The public library is rich in 4000 varied volumes and is regularly updated: 3450 of its own books and 600 books of the BSDL (Bibliothèque Départementale de Saône-et-Loire) on deposit, renewed twice a year. You can order titles not available from the BSDL.

Registration, loan and consultation are free.

The library, run by volunteers, organizes events regularly. It participates in the "Printemps des Poètes" in March, organizes a themed exhibition during the month of April and monthly reading evenings called "Gourmandises à Lire" mingling presentation of books and pastries tasting.

Buffières Library: novelties Buffières Library: practical information

Mass is celebrated in the St Denis Church : consult the schedule posted at the entrance of the church.

Buffières, a flowery village

The flowering of Buffières is due to a group of a dozen volunteers who meet on Monday, starting end of April.

Picks, planters, watering cans, ... are used to set up and maintain geraniums, surfinias, salvias, begonias, ... that will embellish jardinières, flowerbeds, washhouses, calvaries during the whole summer... so that all these municipal sites are made attractive and welcoming to B'firons (the nickname of Buffières inhabitants) and to the tourists visiting our village.

The Town Hall
The City Council
  • Jean-Pierre CHATILLON
  • Michel COTTIN
  • Christiane DAMMAN
  • René DUCLOS
  • Elise DUSSABLY
  • Michel LABARRE
  • André LACAS
  • Emilie POULET
  • Jean-Claude PROST
  • Bernadette VERJAT (deceased)
Municipal jobs

They contribute to the smooth running of the municipality:

  • Town Clerk
  • Nursery schools specialized agent
  • Postal agency
  • Before & after school child care
  • Working agent
Town Hall practical info
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